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Breaking Point was founded in 2017 with one goal in mind, to create the best Jiu-Jitsu environment in the Quad Cities! We are welcoming to students of any age, size, and experience level and offer both Kids and Adult classes. Our skilled instructors are invested, life-long learners who are passionate about helping their students meet their goals. Whether you're striving toward improved fitness, self-defense, or a world championship, Breaking Point BJJ has what you need to make your ambitions a reality.



Nate Fenton

Lead Instructor

Nate is a Black Belt under John Gutta. He is a seasoned competitor with many tournament wins including multiple golds at IBJJF and submission only events.

Nate is a detail oriented and skilled instructor who is committed to bettering his students and sharing his love of BJJ with his academy. His passion exemplifies the Jiu Jitsu lifestyle and his knowledge is encyclopedic. 


Josh Hamilton
Lead Kids Instructor

Josh is also an experienced competitor. He has achieved multiple gold medals at various IBJJF and submission only events and, most impressively, is an IBJJF World Master Champion.
On top of being an incredibly skilled BJJ practitioner Josh is a highly adept instructor. His patience and ability to encourage a strong work ethic while cultivating confidence and a love of BJJ in his students is unmatched.

John Gutta Competing


John Gutta

& Tipping Point BJJ

Breaking Point is affiliated with Tipping Point under John Gutta. 

John is a Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and one of the most experienced coaches and well decorated competitors in Iowa. He began training in 2006 and has since held coaching positions at the University of Iowa and the world renowned Mixed Martial Arts gym, Miletich Fighting Systems. In addition to his teaching, John is an elite competitor who has won numerous championships including gold medals at every belt level at IBJJF events.



Tac Team BJJ

Breaking Point and Tipping Point compete under the Tac Team BJJ banner.  Tac Team BJJ is an up and coming name in the International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competition scene.  Within recent years they have advanced fast rising competitors who have been impacting the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu world.

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