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Law Enforcement Seminar
Law Enforcement Seminar
Feb 23, 2019, 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM
Breaking Point Brazilian Jiu Jitsu,
3840 W River Drive Davenport, Iowa 52802

Introduction to Jiu Jitsu for

Law Enforcement


Athletic attire, shorts and t shirt.



To understand basic principles of Jiu Jitsu and how to apply them in the line of duty. Main focus of this seminar is how to Control, Exhaust, and Arrest a resisting individual WITHOUT backup or the use of weapons. Many assaults against officers can happen so quickly, there is no time or space available to wait for backup, or access weapons. This process will be broken down into 4 basic steps with two options for each step:

  1. Manage and Close the Distance

  2. Take Them Down

  3. Exhaust Them

  4. Wait for backup/begin cuffing

Step 1: Manage and Close the Distance

Option 1 - Arm Drag to Rear Clinch (against low level of resistance)

Option 2 - Rhino Charge to Front Clinch (against high level of resistance)


Step 2: Take Them Down

Option 1 - Rear Takedown

Option 2 - Body Fold + Leg Hook Takedown


Step 3: Exhaust Them

Option 1 - Side Control

Option 2 - Mount

Step 4: Wait for backup/begin cuffing

Option 1 - Noodle and Chicken Wing Extraction

Option 2 - Verbal Compliance/Wait for Backup

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